“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out to the world, miracles happen.”

Read this over and over.

And then 500 more times. 
What happened in the past, means absolutely nothing if you don’t give it the power to control you. 

You create your own future and if you see things repeating themselves, it’s because you are allowing them to. 

Life truly isn’t that complicated. I think us humans like to complicate things but it’s simple.. The sun rises and the sun sets. Don’t rush through your days, waiting for better ones to come your way.
Live now. Tomorrow is never promised. Climb that mountain, eat that last piece of cake. Kiss often. Cry when you need to. Read all the books you can. Travel. Live. See everything around you. Open your eyes. Wider. Write down your feelings. Post it. Turn your phone off. Laugh. Never say goodbye. Love always.
Life is beautiful.. And if you can’t see that right now, change your perspective. Get better glasses or move from where you are. Breath fresher air. Buy a plant & water it. 🌺🌻🌹🌷🌸💐🌼
I promise you, if you let tomorrow be better.. It will be 😍😊 

You have the power to create whatever future you want. So create the brightest future ever imaginable. 

Most importantly – create a future you’re proud of. Something worth waking up for!
What you allow, is what will continue.. So look after yourself out there.. After all you’re number one 😉✔️
“You don’t drown from falling in the water… You drown from staying there”
Britney Rose x


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