I hate confrontation and the thought of disappointing someone gives me so much anxiety. I’ve always been a people pleaser because I didn’t want to upset anyone.But what scares me more than making someone mad, is just settling to keep everyone around me happy. 

That’s something I will not do ☺️
I learnt at a young age how fast life can change and if I wait for the right time to go out and do what I want, I’ll be waiting a long time. 

My dream is to travel (as I’ve said before) Not only that but move around, live in different places, make so many new friends, see & experience so many cool things that will add so much to my life. 
Not matter what you do in life, someone’s going to have a problem with it; thats inevitable. 
The one person you always need to consider no matter what is you. 
As long as you are happy with what you are doing, nothing else should matter. 

Take that leap otherwise you’ll never know how beautiful life might have been for you.
I’m currently planning how & when I’ll be taking my own leap 😍🌎✈️💘

Stay tuned 😝😁 
Britney rose x 


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