“I know life well enough to know you can’t count on things staying around or standing still, no matter how much you want them to. You can’t stop people from dying. You can’t stop them from going away. That’s life. Things are temporary so we learn the value of moments. Cherish what we have and grieve the beauty of things when we lose it.”

This is a piece from a book I read recently called ‘All the bright places’ by Jennifer Niven.

I love things like this that just make me stop and think.

I find myself stumbling across words, songs & even just little symbols that help me out in such weird but beautiful ways.
My mums favourite quote (that’s actually on her headstone too) was ‘Live, laugh, love’. I never really saw this quote around while she was alive but as soon as she died, I see it everywhere.

On chalk boards, in restaurants, in windows of shops, on cards, tattoos.. everywhere. It’s always a reassurance thing to me that I’ll be okay and I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing, whenever I see that quote.
The colour purple was her favourite colour & whenever I’m feeling anxious, upset or angry, I’ll always spot something purple which instantly calms me down. Rainbows, sunsets and mountains are also big symbols for me which help me a lot too – because they connect me to her.
But even little things like things written in the books I’m reading or lyrics in a song I’m listening to are too important & relevant to me to just be a coincidence.

I’m not a huge believer in God but I do believe in this universe and how powerful it is. Trust your instincts and always listen to what messages are coming your way. You’re getting them for a reason.
Life’s so beautiful & I think it’s even more beautiful because even if you lose someone special in this physical life, you’ll never lose them in your spiritual one.

We’re all connected somehow and I absolutely love it.

Listen to whatever messages are coming your way, it’ll help you. 👊🏼

My dreams keep telling me to travel.  And I truly need to start listening to them..

Contiki or working overseas… 🤔🤔🤔

Stay tuned 😁

Ps, let me know if there’s anything you would like me to write about. Thank you!!

Britney rose x


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