IMG_0801“I just hope I can make something beautiful grow from every bit of dirt thrown at me”

I started this blog for myself, to keep all my jumbled thoughts in one easy to access place. & I want to write about things that I’m constantly dealing with.

Life’s shit sometimes, let’s be absolutely honest here. It fucking sucks. The things we as humans are faced with is incredible. I hate watching the news these days because there’s either bombings, dickheads trying to run a country, people killing people or even kids being abused. I hate how people can walk away. I hate lairs. I hate cancer.

My heart hurts.

But on the other hand..

Life’s beautiful sometimes. Let’s be absolutely honest here. It’s fucking great. The things we as humans are faced with is incredible. I love how beautifully things fall into place. I love how you could get on plane tomorrow and completely disappear and be on your own for as long as you want. I love how a baby can be created, so simple but so special. I love how the sunset looks over the horizon. I love the feeling you get after a good run. I love a lot of things about life.

My hearts warm.

The way I see it is if you focus on all the shit things that are happening, life will continue to be shit. You can either see your glass as half full or half empty – it’s up to you.

The quote at the start is so important to me. I could be bitter for years about all the shit that’s gone on in my life but who would that be helping? Nobody.

Making something beautiful grow from all the dirt you’ve been left with is such a good way to change your future and cleanse your mind. Most of the shit we hold onto, isn’t actually ours to keep anyways. All you’ll end up being is bitter & unhappy.

That’s absolutely no way to live.💘

So when you find yourself down in the dumps, upset or angry. Think about the importance of the matter & if it will even be something your worried about in a week, month or years time.

Try and find at least one thing that’s beautiful in your day. & I promise you if you keep focusing on finding those beautiful things, more and more beautiful things will come straight to you.

Keep on keeping on beautiful people!!!!


P.s, I’m writing this blog post on my new computer ( AHHHH) so now i won’t be typing blog posts onto my phone & getting frown lines. Yay! I hope you’re enjoying reading these blogs as much as I’m enjoying writing them!!!

Until next time! x

Britney rose x


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