I found myself watching the Olympics at the gym the other morning. 🚣🏼🏊🏼🏄🏼🏋🏼⛹🏼🚴🏼🚵🏼🏇 (gymnastics to be exact.. One of the only ones I actually like watching.)🏅🎖🏆🎽

But anyways it got me thinking. 

The last olympics was in 2012. I was only 14 & just lost my mum. Trying to find a way to get through my days without being a blubbering mess. While I was watching it in 2012, I said ” when the next Olympics is on, I’ll be 18!! I would have finished school and life will be magical because that’s just what happens when you grow older, everything falls right into place!!!!”

Fuck no
Everything feels like it’s just fallen completely out of place! I got the bit about being 18 right but I was so wrong about having everything all sorted out. 

Life is not just handed to you on a sliver platter my friends.. & I think that’s what a lot of people my age tend to forget.

Of course I don’t actually think someone will show up to my door with a literal sliver platter and my whole life plans will be on it. But I guess we are just so use to having everything in a schedule and we just show up to it- like school. 

But anyways back to my whole Olympic speech. It got me thinking… Where will I be during the next Olympics? Who knows?! 

I think that’s the beauty of life though, we create our own paths which lead us to exactly where we need to be. And how beautiful is it that we don’t even know where we’re heading? We just go. 
This whole universe honestly blows my mind. I love it & I can’t wait to explore it. 

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL & it’s only just getting started…


Britney rose x 


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