“They caused the wound but you are causing the rest”

Getting hurt is a huge part of life. It sucks that it is but with everyones different personalities and opinions – It’s bound to happen.

I’ve had my fair share of getting hurt. Like I’m sure you have as well. One big thing that’s always been an open wound for me was my dad leaving when I was young..I was so bitter about the whole situation for SO long.

& this year was really the first time I felt ready to forgive him for leaving me.

Not for him, but for me. Those feelings were like chains shackling me to the past, I needed to find the key in my own time before my hands could be free.

& this year was the first real time I could put the past behind me and allow myself to begin to heal.

I feel like we all could learn from my situation though.

It’s literally taken me like 9 years to finally feel okay with how things turned out..

Don’t get me wrong, I still find it hard to see dads and daughters together experiencing all the things I should of.


please learn from me. 

I waited so long to let myself heal. I held onto the past like broken glass and all I ended up doing was hurting myself in the process.

For so long I felt worthless like I wasn’t good enough to stick around for. Which is so far from the truth.Never let anyone make you feel the way I felt. You’ll always be good enough for the right people.

Forgiving isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

I love my dad for all he did right and I will forgive him for all he did wrong.

But I love me & my happiness more.

Forgiving them will set you free.


“She had not known the weight until she had felt the freedom”

Britney rose x


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