I planned this trip back at that start of July. it feels like it took years for it to be here… And now it’s all over. 😳😥
I have had the most beautiful time here & even though its only been 4 days, I’ve learnt so much about myself while on this trip..

1. I actually like buses but I’m so confused everytime I hop on one. how do they manage to drive it so well?!

2. I like the cold but my nipples do not.

3. I never thought I’d have the courage to take my topless photos in front of strangers but somehow I did.

4. A King size single bed is actually huge.

5. The cookie time shop is dangerous.

When I first arrived here, i was so anxious because i was smack bang in the middle of nowhere that was familiar, the guy who was meant to get me from the airport wasn’t there.. & I was scared. 
And honestly for the first few hours or even the first night, I honestly thought I’m not cut out for au pairing as much as I thought i was. I was literally doubting all the plans I had made in the past few weeks. 

But as the days went on and I became more familiar with the place, it felt so good. Just as I was getting comfortable and it’s time to go 😢
But it guess that’s what it’s like when you go somewhere new. It’s overwhelming and so fucking terrifying. You know no one, you don’t know where anything is & it’s scary. 
But it does get better with time 🔮

I’ve been bitten by the travel bug even more on this trip. I’m so so excited to see where I go next… I have a few places that are calling my name, just don’t know which one to answer first. 📞🌍✈️

“Die with memories, not dreams” 🙌🏼
Britney rose x 


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