“The day you have everything, I hope you remember the day you had nothing” 

Right now I have absolutely nothing except a suitcase & dreams. It sometimes gets to me when I see everyone setting up their lives with degrees or career driven jobs & here I am… Planning my next trip, trying to figure out where I want to live in this big wide world & figuring out how i am going to tick off all the places I want to go…

My sister is completely different to me. She has a career, a house, a nice car and even a dog. I wished for so long time  just to be like her – she just seems to have it all figured out.

But I know that’s not what I want right now nor would I be happy if I had it. I feel like I truly need to be on my own in the middle of nowhere, being and doing exactly what I want.

I want plane tickets & airports. I want sunshine, snow, beaches and mountains. I want every season on every continent. I want to eat snails under the Eiffel Tower and I want to ride bikes with baskets around in Paris. I want to see a Grand Canyon sunrise & learn how to surf in Hawaii. I want to visit Bora Bora and learn how to ski in Canada.




For a long time (& still even now sometimes) it’s extremely hard to see everyone around me doing so well, because I just wanted to feel that way about myself…But just because you feel like you are going nowhere, doesn’t mean you are.

Sit down & write a list of all you want to do and make it happen.

Today I have nothing. But I do have a suitcase and so many dreams.

One day I’ll have my shit together.. But not today and that is absolutely fine with me.


Britney rose x


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