This day sucks for me.

And I feel for anyone who has to go through what I do, every year.

I wish you were here. I wish I had a normal relationship with you. I wish you came home everyday and would just hold me. 

I wish you cared enough to stay. 

There’s nothing more painful than having to grieve the loss of someone you love – especially grieving the loss of someone who is still alive…but they are just not in your life anymore.

Today is painful.

Today reminds me about all I’ve missed out on while growing up.

At work I see all the Father’s Day cards & gifts. I hear all the ads on the radio. I wish I could celebrate you. 

Today I am grieving for you. You’ve missed out on a lot in my life.You’ve missed out on even being a part of me.

Today hurts me.

But I will celebrate the men who have held me when you didn’t. The ones who loved me when I thought I wasn’t loveable. The ones who cared for me daily and showed me all the love I deserve.

Today will always hurt..if you’re hurting today too, it simply means you care. & there’s nothing wrong with caring.

But I am now a woman & I will never let any man treat me like I’m not good enough. Because I am more than enough. ✔️

Thank you for making me stronger 🙏🏼


Britney rose x


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