“It is loss which teaches us the value of things.”

Today sucks.

I said goodbye to someone who’s been in my life since I was just a little girl…My second nana and a huge influence in my life. Her Anzac biscuits were delish and I honestly think her heart was made of pure gold. 

I adored her.

Death is so shit. 

It physically hurts when I think about all the people left behind when someone dies & all the person misses out on. It hurts that we just somehow have to carry on with our lives without our special people.. & It’s unreal how someone can be in your life one day and the next they aren’t.

I truly loved Cath. I loved how selfless she was. I loved her when she would swim in the lane next to me and mum at the pools, i loved her with or without her boobies. I loved her on the cold rugby mornings or when she would come and watch me play netball. I loved her when she would only drink liquids and I even loved her when she told me off when I cried for her. 
I loved her at her healthiest and at her sickest. 

I loved the warmth she would bring to any room. I loved the way you could just feel all the love she had for you.

My heart hurts. 
But today I’ll be strong and smile at all the memories we shared..you are finally free from all the needles, treatments and operations tables & mum will finally have a good friend up there.

I feel like this blog post is all over the show, because that’s how my feelings are today. I’m so sad for all the people she’s left behind…but I’m so happy she is free from the pain. I just wish i had one last cuddle or one of her bickies. 

If love could have saved you, you would have literally lived forever & that was shown today through all the people who came to send you off.

I think I’ll miss you forever. Like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky… I’m still in complete shock that you’re even gone because you were indestructible in my world. 😞
Please hug the people you love a little tighter today.. It’s so easy to forget that this is all temporary – one day we’ll all just be a memory.. 

Rest easy my Cath.
I’m so lucky to have played a part in your life. You’ll always have a huge chunk of my heart. 

Miss you forever.

“And in that moment, she realised its not about the destination at all..it’s about the journey and the beautiful souls we meet along the way, that is what truly matters” 

Britney rose x


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