I’ve been in Sydney for 2 weeks now.

14 days of seeing no one familiar except my sister, Billie & Mitch who live an hour from me. 

2 whole weeks of being completely and utterly alone. 

And honestly I fucking love it. It’s been so tough not having anyone I know physically here with me but I truly think this is the best thing I could have ever done for myself. It’s so rewarding to make new friendships & relationships with people. And it’s even better being 100% by yourself because you are basically forced to talk to people that you usually wouldn’t talk to.
I’ve always been so shy and I hate putting myself out there.. It makes me so worried and I don’t even know why. But I’ve had the best two weeks already. 

I live in an amazing house where our backyard is literally boats, so close to cool shops, I live closer than ever to my oldest sister, I’ve been to the races for the first time ever and I met some pretty cool people there. I’ve just come home from being in Melbourne where we stayed in a fucking penthouse – went to my first soccer game and we were literally 2 rows from the field. I’ve been on the Melbourne star, went on a tram around the whole city of Melbourne. Played tennis on a roof top, saw two of the hotels helicopters bring in some famous people & hung out exactly where Harry Styles would have. I have eaten in some delicious, expensive as fuck places & even watched some pretty epic fireworks at darling harbour with great company. 

I drive a Range Rover daily now and I’ve actually changed my mind on them because they aren’t very practical for parking, but nonetheless they still look sick. 
I’ve been laughed at everytime I say fish and chips, togs, shed, jersey… Every thing really. 🙊 but that comes with the territory of being a Kiwi. 

I love this life I have here. I love the people I’ve met & I love thinking about all the things I could do here. I still have a few moments where I feel shit & don’t know why I moved but if I had stayed in the Naki, I’d still be miserable. I wouldn’t have this life and I truly wouldn’t have many options except fuck around and do jack shit. 

I love me for doing this. It takes so much guts to do something completely different from everyone else – but I promise you, it will be so much better than anything anybody else is doing. 
I’m living in fucking Sydney, all by myself and there’s no where else I’d rather be. 

I LOVE ME 👌🏼👋🏼✈️

Britney rose x


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