I heard a song the other day that I use to blast when I first got my license. I’d put it on repeat and drive down to Waihi beach.. the only place in hawera with a pretty good view considering that you are still in hawera. In my little sliver Honda, my shitty radio, just me & my music. The song was “Runaway” by Ed Sheeran. One of my all time favourites. 
Actually made me think though, isn’t it funny how years pass and you hear a song that you use to listen to in your car when you were so so sad and time goes on, you hear it again and oh so much has changed. 
The two songs I was in love with (actually still gives me shivers when I hear them now) when I flew to Sydney was ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ but James Arthur and ‘Dancing On My Own’ by Calum Scott. 
There’s a few songs that I can’t listen to anymore. Mums funeral song when we were walking in was ‘Purple Rain’ Stan Walkers cover & the song that played on the slideshow during her funeral ‘Who Knew’ by P!NK. There’s only a few times, every now and again that I feel the urge to hear those two songs, the lyrics and the feelings I get when I hear those words… my heart actually stings.
“Free” by Rudimental has always had a huge place in my heart and so many people from home have told me they instantly think of me when they hear that song… I’ve always loved it but lately I’ve started to love it more. The lyrics are second to none and I truly sit there and just find myself agreeing with most of the shit they say. 
Music is a pretty powerful thing honestly. When you think about it..It connects so many people who wouldn’t have really crossed paths otherwise. Simple lyrics give us creatures a common ground, a conversation starter. How beautiful.  
“Dive” by Ed Sheeran has to be up there in my favourites list too. I relate too hard to the lyrics because what I get from the song is that he’s basically talking about loving things too hard and that should be tattooed on my fucking forehead. 

one part of the song says 

“So don’t call me baby, unless you mean it.” 

People have different tastes, opinions and views – someone once said to me “that’s what makes the world go around.” I guess that’s the same with music, they write & sing about things that they give a shit about and it’s insane to me that you can relate so hard to something someone else wrote. 
“Resolution” & “Brother” both by Matt Corby are stunning. I think out of the two, resolution has to be my favourite though.
I think I just generally like songs that actually talk about shit. Like have meaning. I use to absolutely love one direction but I think it was just because I wanted to have bang Harry Styles so badly… not completely over that part yet but my music taste is so much different now. Speaking of one direction, 

My very first boyfriend brought me the one direction CD (omfg I know but it was one of the greatest days) and we sat on my bed with my CD player and listened to the whole thing through, from start to finish… then we went to sleep and he slept on his mattress on the ground in my room HAHAHAHA with the door open too because mum did not play around. 
Anyways back to it. 

“Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran (wow I spot a trend) is an oldy but goodie. Makes me cry a little though and think of the days when me mum and ash bash lived in our tiny 3 bedroom house, I’d share a bed with mum every single night and she would snuggle right up next to me… we had the most beautiful life together…we fought, we loved and we were best friends. I’d truly do anything to have one of more those days with that lady.
Mums favourite song was “Pour Some Sugar On Me” and I don’t actually know who sings it but I only just recently realised that they are not talking about fucking sugar in that song. Gross. My mum had sex. More than twice. What the fuck. 
“Stay With Me” by Sam Smith is legendary. I actually fucking LOVE all of his music. He’s the one and only concert I’ve ever been to. I flew to Auckland, my broke little ass, stayed in a tiny, smelly hostel (they had day rooms, you know what that fucking means) with my friend Kersti. And we went to see Sam in the flesh. Truly one of the best memories of my life. The voice of an actual angel. Stay With Me… the song I cried to when I broke up with my first boyfriend (the one who brought me the one direction CD hahahah) my first (well second, dad broke my heart first) broken heart… the first (and not the last) time the guy I madly loved, loved someone else. So fucking happy though because imagine if I had only slept with one fucking person my whole life… a world I DO NOT want to live in. 
I love music and I love that no matter where you are in this world,

you can chuck on the song you use to listen to growing up and connect to it again but on so many different levels. 
Life’s a pretty magical thing,

Made up of little things that turn into one big thing. 


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